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Are your document production costs under control?

Review these lists and if you check more than three items, your office may have significant untapped opportunity to reduce print cost, increase asset utilization, and improve productivity.

Document Management since 1983

Upgrade and Efficiency Checklist

  • Adequate computer speed
  • Multifunction products
  • Upgrade printers to 50 copies per minute
  • Color capability
  • Document management software
  • Electronic forms software
  • Print management software installed
  • Send fax transmissions via scan-to-email or Internet fax
  • Document shredders
  • Jug-less digital water cooler


  • No comprehensive strategy and place exists for document process management
  • Presence of personal desktop printers
  • Too many devices per employee
  • Many different types and brands of devices
  • Presence of analog copiers
  • Presence of digital copiers that are not networked
  • Any printer over three years old
  • Presence of both printers and copiers in the same common area
  • Devices that only output on paper
  • Lack of a performance management solution to measure/improve document processes

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